1 Pair Bookends Pink Heavy Duty Metal Decorative Accents

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Sturdy metal construction painted with electrostatic powder paint. Constructed as a single piece with no welding lines and seamless finishing to provide long-lasting durability. All edges with rounded corners and smooth finishing.

A full Anti-slip base design, allows you to remove 1 item without disturbing the others. Won't scratch the furniture.

Multifunctional usability can be used in offices, libraries, schools, or homes. You can use it on desks, cabinets, or shelves.

Basic but effective design is the best choice to organize books, magazines, catalogs, cookbooks, video games, comics, DVDs, and what else you need.

Package contains a set of 2; Product Dimensions: 4" X 4 5/8" X 6 7/8" (4.53 x 3.94 x 6.69 inches)

Material: Metal 

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