60 Minutes Timer Hourglass Black Frame Orange Sand Ornament Decor

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★ 60 Min Hourglass Size: 20.5*10*10 cm. ★ Weight: 500g. ★ Material: wood and glass and sand

★ For: Valentine's day gifts, Birthday gifts, Kitchen cooking, Playing games or practice timing, Wedding gifts, Bedroom or Office or Desk, Handicraft, Home Furnishing decoration ornament, personal collection, Classroom, Tabletops decoration, Restaurant, Living room Home, Festival Christmas and New Year, Coffee table, Bookshelf

★ This sands timer is designed for daily use, not a precision timing device, so maybe a little time deviation. Maybe with 6% time and size deviations because sand flowing speed can be affected by temperature and humidity. ★ Please allow a little color difference due to the monitor and light brightness. The color is subject to the actual product. ★ Free replacement if any shipping broke - Send info to our customer service team BEFORE REVIEW and all shipping issues will be soon solved

★ Choose different colors for different characters people, that is the best gift. Different colors of the hourglass represent a different meanings. ★ Blue hourglass: wisdom, sky, fresh, vitality of life. ★ Purple hourglass: mystery, romance, love. ★ Black hourglass: serious, night, sedate. ★ White hourglass: pure and simple. ★ Orange hourglass: no confusion, strong upward mobility, strong social skills. ★ Green hourglass: Life, safety, youth, peace, freshness, nature, stability, growth

★ Solid material, high-quality borosilicate glass, and high-end handcrafted are used to make the hourglass. With luxury craftsmanship and modern fashion outline, it is exquisite and beautiful, quietly records every second. The sand flowing slowly, you can enjoy the beautiful time and the wonderful memories. And it is a COOL timer. Make it much easier to cultivate children's SENSE of TIME, because the hourglass makes the timing more fun. The sand, shines like stars, making your space no longer boring




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