Car Pocket Handbag Holder Black Leather Adjustable Organizer

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Color: Black
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Extra Space Storage: The car handbag holder is a new storage organizer, it not only perfectly covers the interval space between the front two seats but also utilizes unused space between and behind the front seats as high-quality storage. This is a simple fix to stop your purse or other items from dumping out or rolling around.

Safe Driving: This Car Purse Holder between seats allows you to easily pick and place items while driving, solves the trouble of putting a wallet under your feet, and does not look away from the road, helping to reduce concentration and avoid distractions while driving. The large storage is convenient for passengers to place snacks, Mobile phones, IPAD, tissues, and other objects, increasing the fun of the journey

Easy to Install: The installation of this purse holder for the car is very simple, no drilling or stickers are needed. It takes less than one minute to fix the seat with two adjustable buckles and one elastic velcro to cover the console armrest box. It can be adjusted to the suitable distance based on different spaces between the driver and the passenger seats of various car models.

Pet and Kids Barrier: This car organizer and storage can completely cover the gap between the two seats in the front row, and can put more things in. This is also a special obstacle to preventing naughty children or pets from disturbing your daily driving in the back seat.

Compatibility: Compatible with front opening armrest box. Not suitable for some car consoles such as side-opening armrest boxes, non-armrest boxes, double-opening armrest boxes, and sports armrest boxes.

Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 2 inches

Material: ‎PU Leather 


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