Kids Night Light A-White Silicone ABS Dinosaur Basic

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Size: Dinosaur Basic
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A BIG DINOSAURS FANS KIDS: Super cute dinosaur night light, MOMS can get the dino for kids who loves dinosaurs and need a night light. It holds a charge through the night fine and is just the right level of "bright".When kids wake up in the middle of the night or as kids go down to bed and get a little scared because it's dark in the room, kids could relax and enjoy the soothing light. It is so fun for the kids to each have one. If you have a dinosaur lover in your family, this is perfect for them.

SUPER CUTE LIGHT UP DINO: The dinosaur itself is cute and has a soft silicone mold with a hollow body.Easily grippable, soft silicone in pale sage green.Round, non-threatening, appealing appearance. Cute squishy dinosaur light with great touch controls and is battery powered! Kids can grab it and try to hug it in the room (Made from a soft-touch silicone feeling material). The thickness is enough to be tough but soft to not break if dropped. Provides just the right amount of light in a cute dino.

SOOTHING COLOR CHANGING BOYS DINO LIGHT: The kids' night light is the cute soft glow and Dinasaur lightweight - lots of colors, bright but not too much to keep boys awake, squishy to have in the bed at night time. Boys can squeeze or tap the dino's head to change between a few different statics colors and a mode where it fades through all colors at once. The cute lamp's NOT sensitive and soft to the touch by the upgrade. Easy to charge and the dinosaur lamp can be switched on and off to save battery.

NICE COMPANION FOR LITTLE BOYS: If Little boys have some trouble sleeping due to their fear of the dark, the dinosaur light will be their "best dino buddy" so boys can keep close while they sleep. The light isn't super bright, rather very warm in the dark. Good quality dinosaur light and a must-have for a happy time around dark places. Nice brightness would make a Dino-themed baby boys shower or birthday gift for the cute toddler in your life. When you're told that the baby boys love it, you're happy.

Material: Silicone, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene






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