Set Of 3 Pixel Treasure Brown Metal Storage Boxes Organizer

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Pattern Name: Pixel Treasure
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[ADD PIXEL MINING FUN] Our mining fun paperboard boxes are awesome for decorative storage. Whether they are for a video game fan or another builder theme, you can stack them closed to add a cool touch to any space. Place them on your kid’s bedroom shelf or on a desk or bookcase. Display them open with video game accessories, collectibles, or other knick-knacks. These pixel treasure chest-styled boxes are super cool and perfect for just about anyone!

[DECORATIVE GAMER TOUCH OR FUN GIFT BOX] Use these paperboard pixel treasure chest boxes as fantastic gift boxes for birthdays or other celebrations that can be saved for later use. They’re great for gamer get-togethers, pixel parties, birthdays, weddings, graduation presents, mining-styled displays, and much, much more.

[IDEAL FOR BEDROOM STORAGE, PARTY DISPLAYS] Our sturdy paperboard boxes have a charming pixel treasure chest theme design that makes them perfect for creating stunning displays for a video game party, pixel themes, weddings, mining celebrations, baby showers, and/or other party displays. They make unique photo props and can be used as lightweight table risers when stacked or used individually.

[METAL HANDLES AND HARDWARE ADD REAL ELEMENT] Our durable pixel treasure boxes have decorative hardware to add realism and fun to their authentic look. Designed using quality paperboard, every detail appears authentic. From the metallic bands to the mining pixel-styled surface to the metal handles and latch, these treasure chest boxes are amazingly detailed They even pack within each other for easy portability.

[SET OF THREE CAN STORE ITEMS OF VARIOUS SIZES] This wonderful decorative paperboard treasure chest set contains one of each size; Small: 8in x 4.9in x 4.87in, Medium: 9in x 5.88in x 5.88in, and Large 10in x 7in x 7in.

Material: Paperboard, Brass

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