Wind Chimes Memorial Outdoor Large Deep Tone With 6 Tuned Tubes

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Wonderful and Sweet Sound: It can emit a crisp and pleasant sound when the breeze blows this string of chic, exquisite, beautiful, and elegant wind chimes, which makes people feel comfortable and more peaceful.

Size description: The total length of the wind chime is 28 inches from the hook to the bottom, the top diameter is 3.6 inches. There are six beautiful aluminum tuned tubes that range in length from 6.8 inches to 10.9 inches.

Use occasion: Our wind chimes could apply to plenty of occasions. It can be hung on windows, trees, lawns, terraces, yards and can also be decorated in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Durable and High-quality: The sturdy nylon rope strung the entire string of wind chimes, and the 6 sturdy metal pipes will not rust, it won't be damaged even if hung outside in the wind and sun.

Memorial and Sympathy Wind Chimes: The beautiful wind chime is not only an outdoor decoration for a garden but also a good memorial gift for anyone you remember, such as your parents, friends, neighbors, etc. It can show your concern, wishes to them.

Material: Aluminum




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